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    A.A. Meetings:- The people in each group get together, usually once or twice a week. There are two types of meetings: "closed" which are only for members or those who think they have a drink problem and "open" where anyone interested in A.A. is also welcome to attend

    Where to Find Meetings in Great Britain

    & English speaking meetings in continental Europe

    This list is the most up to date information supplied by groups themselves. Although every care is taken in the compiling of this information we cannot guarantee complete accuracy, since we rely heavily on groups to keep their details up to date.

    To search for a meeting you can use any of the search systems below.  Not all groups have provided post codes, if you can't find a group near you using the post code search you might have more success using one of the other methods.

    Note that in the town search areas of London are preceded by the word London, e.g. for Hackney type in LONDON HACKNEY.

    The meeting start time is always indicated and meetings are usually 90 minutes unless a finish time is stipulated.  Some meetings may be 'open' (to non-alcoholic visitors) or 'closed' (for alcoholics & those who think they might have a drink problem) – some meetings give information on open and closed meetings.

    Please do not use our national helpline number for meeting or general information – this is solely for those people who need to speak to a member of A.A. about their drinking.                               

    EXCEPT WHERE INDICATED ALL MEETINGS ARE CLOSED (restricted to alcoholics or those who have or think that they have a drinking problem).
    'OPEN' meetings indicate that non-alcoholics may attend.

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