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These services are staffed by volunteer members of A.A.
who will be happy to answer your questions or put you in touch with those who can.

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‘Where To Find Meetings In Glasgow South.

Meetings List for November2014

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday


(*)=Wheelchair Access ($) =Closed Bank Holiday Mondays




Monday Clarkston Monday Lunchtime12.30 (Open) St. Aidans Church, 15 Old Mearns Rd., Clarkston Toll G76 7ER

Govan Happy Hour 13.30 (Open) $ (1 Hour only) Pearce Institute, 840 Govan Rd., Govan G51 3UU

O.D.A.A.T Centre 14.00-15.30 (Open) (*) 8/12 St.Andrews  off Saltmarket, Glasgow G1 5PD

Couper Institute(One Hour) 18.30-19.30 (Open) Couper Institute, 84 Clarkston Rd Cathcart.G44 3DA

Southern General 19.00 (Open) Zone 4, Wards 51-57    Govan Rd.G51 4TF  

Govanhill “Carry the Message”19.30 (Closed) (*) Neighbourhood Centre, Daisy St., Govanhill. G42 8JL

Alban House 20.00(Open) St.Francis Centre, 405 Cumberland St, Gorbals G5 0SE

Househillwood 20.00 (Open)Church of Scotland 100 Priesthill Road, Nitshill.G53 6QL 

Newlands South Discussion 20.00 $ Newlands South Church,42 Riverside Rd., Newlands.G43 2EG

Ralston Monday Night 20.00 (Open) $ (*) Ralston Community Centre, Allanton Ave, Ralston, Paisley.PA1 3BL

Park 20.00 (Open) Langside Hall, Langside Ave., Shawlands. G41 2QR (Easter Monday in St. Albert’s Church Hall, 153 Albert Drive, Pollokshields.G41 2NH )

Ibrox Clifford St., 20.00 (Open) $(*) Church of Scotland, 67 Clifford St., Ibrox. G51 1QP

New Alban House 20.00 (Open) $ Thorntree Hall, Main Street, Thornliebank.G46 7SF

 O.D.A.A.T Centre 20.00 (Open) (*)  8/12 St.Andrews St.,Off Saltmarket, Glasgow G1 5PD





Tuesday Tolerance 12.30-14.30 (Open) “Shawlands Kirk” 1114Pollokshaws Rd., Shawlands Cross  G413TP

Plantation 12:30(Open (*) RiversideHall, 29-31 Clydebrae St., Govan G51 2AJ 

Castlemilk13.30(Open)(*) St.Margaret Mary’s Hall, 99 Dougrie Rd.,Castlemilk G45 9NT 

O.D.A.A.T Centre 14.00-15.30(Open)(*) 8/12 St.Andrews St.Saltmarket, Glasgow G1 5PD

Victoria Infirmary Group  18.00  (1Hour) (Open) (*) Victoria Infirmary, Grange Rd., Battlefield.G42  9TY

Castlemilk Tuesday Night 20.00(Open) (*) Birgidale Complex,Birgidale Rd,Castlemilk G45 9LW

 “Mosspark Big Book Discussion”20.00 (Open)(*)Mosspark

Baptist Church, 155 Corkerhill Rd.,Mosspark  G52 1PG

Pollokshaws Spiritual 20.00 (Open)(*) Methodist Church, 74 Shawholm Cres., Pollokshaws G43 1NY

 Pollok Just For Today 20:00 (Open) (*) Community Centre 134 Langton Rd, Pollok G53 5DP

St. Aidan’s Tuesday Night Recovery 20.00 (*) (Open)  Clarkston Hall, Clarkston Rd., G76 8NE

Govan Shipbuilders 20.00(Open) Govan & Linthouse Parish Church, Govan X  (Opposite Subway), Govan.G51 2LY

O.D.A.A.T Centre  20.00 (Open) (*)  8/12 St.Andrews St.,Off Saltmarket, Glasgow G1 5P




Pollok Big Book 11.00 (Open) (*) Community Centre, 134 Langton Rd., Pollok.G53 5DP

Rebos 12.00 (Open) Langside Hall, Langside Ave., Shawlands. G41 2QR

Govan St.Constantines 13.30 (Open) (1 Hour only)   Pearce Institute, 840 Govan Rd., Govan. G51 3UU

O.D.A.A.T Centre 14.00-15.30 (Open) (*) 8/12 St.Andrews St.,Off Saltmarket, Glasgow G1 5PD

O.D.A.A.T Centre 17.30-18.30(Open) (*)  8/12 St.Andrews St.,Off Saltmarket, Glasgow G1 5PD

Erskine 20.00 (Open) Bargarran Health Centre, Bargarran Square, Erskine.PA8  6BS

Govanhill 12 Step  20.00  (Open) Larkfield Centre, 39 Inglefield St., Govanhill. G42 7AY

Birgidale 20.00 (Open) (*) Birgidale Complex,   10 , Stravanan St., Castlemilk.G45  9LW

Serenity 20.00 (Open) Church of Scotland,223,Shawbridge St.,(NexttoPoliceStation)Pollokshaws.G431QN

Priesthill Big Book Study 20.00 (Closed) (*) Church of Scotland, 100 Priesthill Rd.,  Nitshill.G53 6QL

Albert Drive 20.00 (Open) (*) St. Albert’s Church,153 Albert Drive, Pollokshields.G41 2NH

1st Cardonald Step Meeting 20.00(Open)(*) Labour Hall, Mosspark Drive (Off Paisley Road West) Cardonald.G52  3BT

O.D.A.A.T Centre   20.00 (Open) (*)  8/12 St.Andrews St.,Off Saltmarket, Glasgow G1 5PD



1st Gorbals 12.30 (Open) Pearce Institute, 840 Govan Rd., Govan.G51 3UU

Govanhill “Carry the Message” 13.30 (Closed) (*) Neighbourhood Centre, Daisy St., Govanhill  G42 8JL 

O.D.A.A.T Centre   14.00-15.30 (Open) (*)  8/12 St.Andrews St.,Off Saltmarket, Glasgow G1  5PD

Giffnock Women Emotional Sobriety 19.00 (Open) Giffnock South Parish Church (Upper Floor), 2-4 Greenhill Ave.Giffnock G46  6QX

Govan Big Book Study 20.00 (Open) (*) Govan & Linthouse Parish Church, Govan Cross, Govan Rd. Govan.G51 2LY

Cardonald Lourdes 1st. AA Group 20.00 (Open) (*) Lourdes Chapel Hall, Lourdes Ave., Cardonald.G52 3QU

South Group 20.00 (Closed) (*) Muirend Sports Pavilion, Hazelden Gardens, Muirend.G44 3HQ

(Open) 1st.Thursday in January only!!

St. Francis 20.00 (Open) (*) BJDS Church, 270 Ballater St., Gorbals.G5  0YT

Langside 20.00 (Open) Langside Hall, Langside Ave., Shawlands.G41 2QR

Mearns Thursday Night  20.00 (Open) (*) Crookfur Pavilion, PARKLANDS,Off Ayr Road, Newton Mearns.G77  6DR

Penilee St Andrews 20.00 (Open)St Andrews Church, Bowfield Crescent Penilee. G52 4HS

O.D.A.A.T Centre 20.00 (Open) (*)  8/12 St.Andrews St.,Off Saltmarket, Glasgow G1 5PD



Govan St. Gerards 13.30 (Open)Pearce Institute, 840 Govan Rd.,Govan G51 3UU    

O.D.A.A.T.Centre 14.00-15.30(Open) (*)  8/12 St. Andrews St.,Off Saltmarket, Glasgow G1 5PD

Giffnock 20.00 (Closed) (Open lastFriday each month) Giffnock SouthParish Church, 2-4 Greenhill Ave.,

Giffnock G46  6QX

Castlemilk 3rd Tradition 20.00 (*)(Open) Community Centre, 121 Castlemilk Dr.,Castlemilk G45 9UG

Adelphi 20.00 (Open) (*) Adelphi Centre, 12 Commercial Rd.,Gorbals, Glasgow G5  0PQ

Govanhill Big Book 20.00 (Open)Holy Cross Church, Belleisle St., Govanhill. (AKA The CRYPT!!)G42 8ER

Kings Park’ 93 20.00 (Open)  St.Oswald’s Church, 260 Castlemilk Rd.,Kings Park G44 4LB 

Pollokshaws 5th Chapter 20.00 (Open) (* ) Methodist Church,74ShawholmCrescent,Pollokshaws.G431NY

Victoria 20.00 (Open) (*) Cathcart United Free Church, Struan Rd., (Opposite Couper Institute) Cathcart. G44 3AT




The Priory 10.00 (Open)(*)Langside Parish Church,167 LedardRd.,Langside G42  9QU

 Merrylea 10.00 (Open)  Merrylea Parish Church, 80 Merrylee Rd.,Merrylee G43 2QZ                                           

Pollok 3rd Tradition 11.00 (Closed)(*) St. James’s Church Hall, 20 Belltrees Rd., Pollok G53  5TE

 Govan Recovery 12.00 (Open) Pearce Institute, 840 Govan Rd. Govan G51 3UU

Priesthill (Carnwadric) 14.00 (Open)(*)Church of Scotland, 100 Priesthill Rd., Nitshill G53 6QL

O.D.A.A.T.Centre 14.00-15.30(Open)(*)  8/12 St. Andrews St., OffSaltmarket, Glasgow G1 5PD

Mansewood 20.00 (Open)(*) Church of The Holy Name, 200 Hillside Rd.,Mansewood. G43  1B

Croftfoot 20.00 (Closed) (*) United Free Church, 349 Carmunnock Rd., Croftfoot. G44 5HH

Saturday Night Big Book 20.00(Open) (*) Methodist Church, 74 Shawholm Cres., Pollokshaws G43 1NY

Late Night Meeting 22.30 (Open) (*) O.D.A.A.T Centre “The Rooms” 8/12 St.Andrews St.,Off Saltmarket,

Glasgow. G1 5PD



Govan 11.00 (Open) (*)Riverside Hall , 29-31 Clydebrae St., Govan G51 2AJ

Govanhill “Carry the Message”12.30 (Closed) (*) Neighbourhood Centre, Daisy St., Govanhill.G42 8JL

O.D.A.A.T Centre 14.00-15.30 (Open) (*)  8/12 St. Andrews St,Off Saltmarket, Glasgow G1  5PD

Saints & Sinners 17.00 (Open)Shawlands Kirk,1114 Pollokshaws Rd., Shawlands Cross.G41 3T

O.D.A.A.T Centre 20.00 (Open) (*)8/12 St.Andrews St,Off Saltmarket, Glasgow G1  5PD

Pollokshaws Big Book “Into Action”20.00(Closed)(*) Methodist Church,74 Shawholm Cres, Pollokshaws. G43 1NY

Talbot 20.00 (Open) Kingston Hall,344 Paisley Rd., Tradeston G5 8RE.

Govanhill Video Step 20.00 (Open)Holy Cross Church, Belleisle St., Govanhill.G42 8ER

Castlemilk 20.00 (*)(Open)CommunityCentre,121 Castlemilk Drive,Castlemilk G45 9UG



Langside Halls, Friday 10th October 2014



1.      Preamble & Aims of  Intergroup

2.      Moments Silence

3.      Apologies

4.      AGM Business,  Election of Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary and Liaison Officers

5.      Group Attendance Register

6.      Adopt Minutes of  October meeting

7.      Matters Arising from October meeting



Service Reports


  • Secretary’s Report LO
  • Prisons LO
  • Public Information LO
  • Telephone Answering Service LO
  • Courts & Social Services LO
  • Health LO
  • Literature LO
  • ECLO
  • Roundabout
  • Region Report
  • Archives LO
  • Treasurers Report
  • Employment LO
  • Armed Forces LO




Close meeting with serenity prayer

Next Meeting – Monday 8th December 2014

Glasgow South Intergroup Minutes



Venue and Date Meeting Held

Thursday 7th August 2014 in Langside Halls


Matters arising from last meeting


Preamble & Aims of  Intergroup

Andy  Read Preamble, Aims & Objectives of Intergroup


Attendees and Apologies

Attendees as per sign in sheet. Apologies from; Gerry, Chris, Alan, Janette


Minutes from Previous Meeting and Matters Arising

Proposed by Agnes, seconded by Mary. Matters arising Email correspondence between GS Secretary and Region Secretary requesting attendance at intergroup. Intergroup agreed to write again to Region specifically requesting

1.      Explanation why region view it acceptable for a person to be dismissed from a post but asked to continue in another role within region

2.     Why was allegations of homophobic gestures by a member attending region dismissed by top table   



Liaison Officers Service Reports


Secretary’s Report


Apologies received along with correspondence passed onto Andy re above matter



Prisons LO


Written Report submitted. Travel expenses to Polmont Prison including Car Allowance & Train Tickets £259.60.



Public Information LO


Written Report submitted.






GS will be on Phoneline from 8th August. Please take back to groups that new responders are required. Volunteers looking for 12 Step responder sheets. Confidential list of LO’s & Numbers requires updating



Courts & Social Services

Written Report submitted.





Leverndale Sunday night meeting now closed. A female member of the fellowship is now supporting ward visits at Victoria & Southern General.





Written Report submitted.





Written Report submitted.





Written Report submitted.



Region Report


Apologies from Chris – No Report





Position Vacant



Treasurers Report


See Balance of Accounts



Employment LO


Position Vacant



Armed Forces


Written Report submitted.




Clarification required on length of sobriety for positions such as Treasurer

Request for £50 for TLO agreed




Friday 10th October 2014


Langside Halls






Intergroup Organization

Like all other Intergroups, Glasgow South carries the A.A. message into the
wider community and acts as the interface and communication channel
between the A.A. Groups in our area and the Glasgow Region Committee.
This in turn represents our interests within the overall U.K. service structure
of the Fellowship.

To perform its role, the South Intergroup has a committee elected from Group
members comprising :- Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and Liaison
Officers/ Office Bearers covering the following areas :-
Public Information, Prisons, Health, Social Services, Telephone Service,
Electronic Communications, A.A.Literature, Roundabout (A.A.Magazine)
and Archives.

There are therefore over a dozen important Service jobs available in the
Intergroup. Most people who have been involved in Service in A.A. find that
it greatly helps their recovery and provides a practical way of putting
something back into the Fellowship.

Therefore we would encourage Groups to participate in the work of the
Intergroup by appointing a Group Service Representative to act for them at
our Bi -monthly meetings. In addition any member who would like to know
more about what we do or join one of our Service Committees should come
along and see for themselves.

Glasgow South Intergroup meets bi-monthly in the first week of February,
April, June, August, October and December in Langside Halls, Langside
Avenue, Shawlands.

History of the South Intergroup

Over 80 A.A. Meetings weekly south of the Clyde

The South Intergroup came about in 1993 by the Glasgow Region of A. A.
asking a committee to look at restructuring the Region from Eight (8)
Intergroups to the present Four (4), because, positions within Intergroups
were becoming difficult to fill, and our ability to carry the A.A. Message
was shrinking. It was decided to look at ways of restructuring which would
best save the strength of the Message within the Glasgow Intergroups.

At that time there were two (2) Intergroups operating within the South Side
of Glasgow. They were the Glasgow South West Intergroup which held
their meetings bi-monthly in the office staff canteen of the U.C.S Shipyard
Govan Road; and the Glasgow South East Intergroup which held their
meetings bi-monthly in Langside Halls.

A meeting was held in the Pearce Institute by the Steering Committee and
both Intergroups on 15th April 1993. A unanimous decision was taken to
amalgamate both Intergroups and in May 1993 it was agreed that the new
Glasgow South Intergroup would be formed.

The first meeting of the South Intergroup was held in Langside Halls on
Tuesday the 1St June 1993 and it now comprises over 70 A.A. groups holding
meetings every day of the week.





Summary of Minutes of the Most Recent Meeting.

This page provides a brief summary of the Minutes of the most recent Intergroup
meeting and gives an outline of the main business conducted.

Copies of the full Minutes are forwarded to all office bearers and Liaison Officers
in the Intergroup and a copy is sent to the Secretary or Group Service Representative
of every Group in the Glasgow South area.

The full Minutes should be available in your Group a week or two after each Intergroup meeting.
See your Group Secretary or Service Representative.



A member from Pollok just for today Tue night group asked for it to be documented
that he was told by the group that they could not attend Intergroup
as they did not contribute any money.
It was agreed that we need to try and challenge and eradicate this myth. All groups are welcome to Glasgow South Intergroup whether they donate money or not and we encourage people into service and it not all about money.


Umbrella Project

“Umbrella Project”
Request for Volunteers
A.A. Needs Your Help

Glasgow South Intergroup is launching a new initiative this year
aimed at “Carrying the Message” more effectively of what AA is
and does to the organisations and people in the wider community.
The Intergroup already has a liaison structure which deals with
Health, Courts and Social Services Public Information for Schools, Businesses etc.

But this year we are building a “committee structure” of volunteers
to help in each of these areas to broaden our reach and heighten awareness
in the wider community of what AA can do to help.

No matter how limited the time you have available, we are sure you can
provide a valuable contribution – delivering literature to schools, hospitals,
doctors surgeries are just some simple examples of how you can help.
Many of us find this kind of service in AA very rewarding. We are sure you will too.

If you are interested in finding out more just Email us for more information.

Notice Board

Special Meetings, Conventions and A.A. Events within the Glasgow Area.


Does Your Group Have a Voice At Intergroup?
There are over 80 Groups registered with Glasgow South Intergroup
yet less than half of these regularly send representatives to intergroup meetings
and get involved in the wider Service of A.A.

If your Group is within the Glasgow South area and isn’t yet represented
please urge your Group to elect a Group Service Representative and come along.
Meeting dates and times for 2014 are as follows:-

                          The meeting should take place Tuesday 8th April.


All Intergroup meetings are held in the Langside Halls, Langside Avenue, and Shawlands.
Come along at 7.15p.m. You will be most welcome.

Does Your Group Wish to Post Something on This Page?

If your Group wants to give notice of any special events, dates ,temporary closure
or change of venue etc. please contact Intergroup via the Glasgow South by e-mail.

    The 3rd Tradition Saturday Morning Group Needs Your Support At St James The Great Church Pollok 11:00am—Noon All Welcome.





Hi everyone in the fellowship. John from Sunday night In To Action & Saturday morning 3rd Tradition group’s. Wonders if anyone could spear a Monday or Tuesday afternoon. To help carry our message to the still suffering Alcoholic.

Me & Sandy go around the ward’s of the Southern general & the Victoria Infirmary Hospital’s



Can you Help ?

Sign Language Interpreter.

1/ Is there a Sign Language Interpreter in the Glasgow Area.?
2/ We would like to know if your skills are available to us.?

If the answer to any of the questions is yes.
Get in touch - - send us an Email - - Please.

This is where we need your assistance.
At your home group ask your Intergroup Representative about

Prison Sponsorship.

Telephone Helpline Responders.


Industrial Liaison officer.

Last update –5th November- 2014 - John H

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